Tortellini en Brodo


I tried this a couple months ago, but I forgot to take pictures. But, let’s be honest, HelloFresh‘s are definitely much better anyway. (Read the recipe instructions by clicking the link.)

I have never used shredded Brussels sprouts in a dish before, so this was different. It’s definitely a little more time consuming that just chopping off the bottoms and splitting them, but it doesn’t take that much time.

This soup combines cheese tortellini, kale, Parmesan cheese, and obviously the aforementioned shredded sprouts. Note: The portion sizes are really huge. I decided to go for the version of the recipe with 4 servings, and it lasted me over a week even after freezing a bit of it.

The recipe isn’t bad, but it’s a little bland. If you’re going to test it out, I’d experiment with some spices. I used basil and oregano, but I think chili flakes would pair well, too.

Tell me if you’ve tried this or a similar recipe.


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