Raw sprouts

Do you like raw vegetables? I’m not talking about cucumbers, lettuce or anything else traditionally eaten raw. But, are you willing to try other vegetables in their raw form?

This past weekend I was ridiculed for regularly eating kale raw. I think kale is a great base for a salad, as long as you don’t get too many stems in there. It holds up well if you dress it a day or two before (which is great for a lazy cook like me) without getting soggy. It’s also more nutritious than lettuce, and doesn’t seem to go bad as quickly as spinach.

This blog, though, is about Brussels sprouts not kale. I don’t think eating kale raw is that unusual. There’s a market for kale smoothies, after all. My question, is how often people eat Brussels sprouts raw.

I would not recommend eating an entire sprout raw. We’ll leave that to my roommate’s girlfriend’s dog, who steals anything I drop in the kitchen. Shredded sprouts, especially mixed in with other greens and other salad goodies, can make for a nice salad, though.

I like the Cruciferous Crunch Collection from Trader Joe’s. It combines Brussels sprouts, more kale, broccoli, and green and red cabbage. The package recommends ways to cook the mix, but I think it works well raw.

raw mix

I like to supplement the salad mix with dried cranberries, pecans, some feta, and a drizzle of your favorite dressing. This is not unlike how I made the kale sprouts.

Is that a crazy way to eat Brussels sprouts or do you also enjoy them raw? Let me know!


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