Coles de Bruselas


This past weekend, my family and I celebrated my brother’s college graduation with tapas. Now, most of the items we ordered were the standard fare: paella, patatas bravas, Spanish tortilla (omelets), etc. However, I spied Brussels sprouts on the menu and had to order some for the table.

The Coles de Bruselas were sauteed Brussels sprouts with dates, almonds, and sea salt. I couldn’t place what the sauce/dressing was, but I think it was vinegar-based.

These sprouts photographed a little better than they tasted. I like La Tasca, but this was not one of their better dishes. No one else at the table was very excited to eat these and really just took a bite or two after I insisted.

I should also note that these arrived at the very end of our meal so we were already pretty full. I still ate the leftovers the next day, but I probably wouldn’t order these again.

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