Shredded Sprouts at LAX

Catching up on a stockpile of Brussels sprouts photos I have saved up. I may not have posted anything new in a few weeks, but I have diligently been tasting and cooking sprouts. Let me organize these photos but stay tuned for everything from sprouts braised in cream to sprouts baked in rice.

In the meantime, here’s a small photo of sprouts I found in LAX while traveling the past couple of weeks. Lemonade is a chain serving seasonal food in a few restaurants in California. It’s set up a bit like a high school cafeteria, but the food is definitely better and fresher. Oh, and of course they also have a selection of lemonades.


I only saw one item with sprouts, so I had to have it. These are pretty standard shredded sprouts with some nuts and dates mixed in. I enjoyed them, but as sacrilegious as this sounds, there were more exciting things on the menu.

What else was I eating? The plastic containerĀ had: Kimchi noodles (top left), butternut squash (top right), avocados and tomatoes (bottom left), and the aforementioned sprouts (bottom right).

Keep sending me your tips, and I promise I’ll get to them. Or, if you’ve made or eaten something great, I’d love to share that, too. Email in the about me page.


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